The Future of Marketing is Collaborative, not Noisy

Collaborative MarketingAnd the future is here now. I have mentioned it before about engaging with your customers and interacting with them. I read an article last week that I wanted to share with you all as it is very true. Marketers are constantly seeking new ways to interact with their customers/fans/user base – particularly in consumer marketing, but it spreads into business marketing too. In an age where it is difficult to compete on price or the offering itself alone, both customer experience and the actual bond you have with a customer or prospect are even more important.

As this article rightly points out, marketers will increasingly be seeking ways (and already are) for their customer base to impact the decisions they make, as well as provide content for their marketing. Watch this space over the coming months as I have been seeing a few examples of this in action, which will only grow. It is not just about who shouts loudest and with the most money, but about how they build that relationship with the customer in an interactive and exciting way.

Examples in your business might be as simple as seeking more customer feedback on the business, but also on the products/services/solutions you offer to them. It can equally go into getting them to be a part of the marketing you are doing as well as seeking their input in social media conversations. I think when social media first came out, we underestimated the societal change impact it would have across the board. We now have gone back a little to seek the familiarity and engagement that could once be provided with the local baker, who knew exactly which bread you liked, before you walked through the door.



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