Tracking Cows to Make them Happy – Are you Improving the Productivity of Existing Assets?

Are you gettng the most out of your existing assets - employees and customers?

I know this is a rather humorous title and you would maybe not link cows’ happiness to either marketing or your business! But I read this article – farmers in the UK have been particularly hard hit recently, by the impact of weather, costs of raw materials and the economic downturn. So some farmers are looking at tracking the activity of their cows – trying to get more productivity out of them, knowing when their behaviour changes – so that instead of losing them, they can correct anything before it can be fatal and have major loss impact to them.

And it made me think of something that is very important as part of your marketing. This applies always, but particularly when things are going hey-woll outside or you can’t afford lots of marketing activity. Are you getting the most out of your existing assets:

  • Your employees
  • Your existing customers

Are your employees motivated enough? Are they showing this motivation in their beaviour to your customers? Do they understand your values and your offer to clients? And are your customers happy, do they have their own needs that maybe your business can help fulfill – through ‘cross-selling’? Don’t always think outside to new customers – nurturing both employees and existing customers is a very profitable way of growing your business. And as many of you know, it costs less to cross-sell to existing customers, than to get new ones.


  1. Author
    Jennifer H May 10, 2013 Reply

    I love this blog article! I agree that we too often overlook the things closer to home. And this article has made me focus on those aspects that I had pushed to the side for a while in our business. Thanks also for your humorous approach. I’ll enjoy browsing some of the other articles here.

    • Author
      Sophie May 10, 2013 Reply

      Hi Jennifer. Thanks so much for getting in touch and I’m glad this helped encourage thinking in a different way. It is often what I want these blogs to be about – to just help trigger our thoughts in different directions. It can be a source of creativity.

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