Social Media and Small to Medium Businesses – How Much of it Should We Do?

Dinosaurs in social media

I hear many people in business pondering what they should do about social media. I used to run a team where I had some people who looked at our social media. Like all types of marketing activity, you need to know what works for your audience. I read an article today about a hotel in Denver using its dinosaur-themed renovation to drum up interest on social media. It provides new, dinosaur related content every day and has large numbers of followers. In this way, social media can be particularly good in ‘interacting’ with your customers more openly and honestly.

It is a big topic and one that needs to be considered for every business, but here are some high-level thoughts of mine:

  • Go back to the basics of knowing your audience, where they will look for you and how they want to interact with you
  • Social is particularly good with consumer marketing – and with that I would say the Facebooks of the world come into their element
  • In business to business, it is also very relevant but in my opinion you particularly need to analyse what works and what doesn’t. For me, stats showed that LinkedIn and Blogs were most successful, but again it’s about the data and deciding accordingly in each business
  • It is a great media to interact with customers and show your brand’s personality
  • It is at the end of the day, not just about the numbers of followers or interested parties, but the quality of those followers and whether they will bring you business at some point




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