If You’re Doing Social Media, Make it Correct. If Not, the UK Audience Won’t Forgive You!

Social media errors and branding; social as part of the marketing mix; social media for small business; marketing for small businessPause. Think. Post. According to some new research, referring to social media usage in the UK, whereas we may have been forgiven for thinking that if we do social media, our customers will forgive small errors, that is not the case. I think many of us have assumed that social is a different media, with a different expectation on quality and that openness and two-way engagement is the key thing.

Alas, think again! These are some of the fascinating things that come out of this article:

  1. Watch out for spelling mistakes and other image considerations you would think of in other media: According to the eMarketer article, “In total, 42.5% of surveyed UK web users said such errors would damage their opinion of a brand.”
  2. Don’t be too salesy: The next concern, but less at 24.9% of respondents, implies that some people are put off by salesy messages. It appears that trying to be funny is not perceived too fantastically either (but only by 12.5%). Note to self, stop being humorous.
  3. Possibly it is better not to do it if you don’t consider these things: Only 7.2% were concerned that brands are not posting enough. So to me, that says you may be better holding back on a tweet or two, rather than posting lots with errors. As with other types of media, consider what you are writing. Words are important and the impression they create are important. Pause. Think. Post.social media as part of the marketing mix; social media for small business; social media and marketing
  4. Social is there, but lower down the list in terms of a source of credible information: People still use social media in their decision-making process, so it still needs to be there, but it is as I have always thought – part of the marketing mix. “Social ranked the lowest among the eight different media respondents were asked about, far below family, consumer forums or publications, and traditional media.” But it is still higher than email as a source of information.

So what is the summary? Consider social media as another part of your marketing mix. Treat it with the same respect and consideration for words and message that you would give to other forms or marketing. And as per a previous post on how much social media you should do and my page on what is marketing, start by understanding your target audience and then focusing your marketing activity based on that information.


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