What is Marketing? Where Should I Start in Marketing my Business?

What is marketingOver my career, in those “What do you do?” chats, it has so often been the case that people align marketing with advertising and creative, wacky ideas – and big budgets! Not so, I’m afraid. So much of marketing is about fundamental business concepts. Very logical, procedural thinking. Yes, the creative angle needs to be there, but it is an element, not the whole of marketing.

Marketing is not just the events you go to, the flyers you put out, the social media activity you do. That, again is an element and is what I refer to as ‘Marketing Activity’, but there is a lot of ground work you need to do before doing that, to make your marketing activities worthwhile. What would be the point of going to an event for example, with a banner telling people things that either don’t mean anything, don’t resonate or are too technical for them to understand their value? You could spend thousands attending such events, but to no avail, as people simply don’t ‘get’ what you do.

I have put together a couple of very simple, 45 second educational vidprezes (video presentations) to help explain some of the concepts fundamental to marketing. More will be added over time, but these start either to educate, or remind you of some things to think about. You can find the videos here:



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