What Happens to our Digital Personas After we Die?

Digital personas

This is a very sensitive but relevant topic that has come up in the news recently. Google, being Google is the first to launch a tool to determine what happens to your digital data after you die. Interesting timing after in the UK yesterday, there was a lot of discussion about organ donations. The digital topic is increasingly relevant and will be even more so for the younger generation for whom so much personal data is online.


We do develop online digital personas and this is something that has happened in recent years, so is a relatively new issue. It is something that came up this week, when I received an email from someone I knew who passed away almost two years ago. Seems like some kind of macabre humour, but a virus had got into his old email account and many of us received an email. And yet who has the personal passwords and information to change any of this? Such emails or similar are very upsetting and sensitive for people after someone has passed away, so it is a valid topic, which will no doubt come up more in the years to come.


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