Small Businesses are Key to Recovery


According to Business Insider small businesses are key to economic recovery, with small businesses (being referred to as with 500 employees or less) contributing to the most hiring.

And yet the bigger businesses are the ones with the biggest clout politically. I expect the same is similar in Europe. From the left to right of this chart it goes from smaller to larger businesses and the numbers they hire (see report)

Crazy Pig Marketing Ideas

An article also with Business Insider recounted an interesting story of a bacon-focused sandwich shop and their creative ideas to market their restaurant – draw a pig either in the way you drove, cycled or walked and prove it to get a discount!


I personally don’t think the 30% discount would have made me go driving around a big city in the shape of a pig – the stakes would need to be higher – but fun and creative thoughts none-the-less and if it works for their target audience – all the better. Looking at ideas of what others do, however crazy, can often be an inspiration for transposing those to your own business.


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