Love or Hate the Royal Family, they are a Brand for Britain

The Royal family and branding; building a brand“It’s a boy!” It is all over the news, all over the world. It was even before the baby was born. Whatever your personal views on the royals and it is quite an emotive topic that calls for strong views, they are a brand for Britain. The way I see it as a marketer, the Royal Family – in particular the Queen, William and Kate – they are figureheads of Britain and do amazing PR for UK plc. And it is positive news. It is a living tradition and charm.

Any big business would die for that type of coverage – press coverage from the Jubilee, the Royal Wedding, now the baby – would it be a boy, what will it be called, where will the new family live… the coverage has been spread out and provided excellent intrigue for those that want it, in a way that puts Britain at the front of the news across much of the world. What would any business have done for that? Stunts, enormous sums of money in the millions and billions, amazing announcements – and in this case, this all happens naturally because of the brand that the Royal Family carry and the history and tradition that they represent in a modern era. They represent stability, tradition, history and culture – but all with a modern and very alive twist. And this brand is reflected in how Britain is perceived and can look positively for foreign businesses doing business with British companies.

I wanted to blog about it as it is an example of how to think of brands. Brands – no matter how small or large your business – need to represent things in the eye of the onlooker – they must represent something. And the more they represent and the more emotionally people can connect with them, the better they are. Brands can collect fans – people that want to keep up to date with what is going on – again no matter how small or large the niche. They can usually command higher prices and because of this bond with customers, create repeat business.

So although your company will never be a Royal Family, it is worth thinking about what you represent, what your customers want you to represent, how you build the emotional bond with your new and existing customers, how you keep them up-to-date with the story of your company and engage with them in a way that keeps them as fans.

Thank you to the Royal Family for all their hard work in doing this for Britain! It is no easy thing in a modern, evolving world to maintain that.


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