Google Glasses – Privacy or Freedom?


Have any of you heard about the Google ‘Glass’? They have been talking about them for a while but they came out in February and of course with new technology like this, there are always questions about how they will impact us and society. Put simply, you can look through the glasses and video or photograph what you see, then instantly upload to social media for example. A recent article talked about concerns of people wearing glasses in cafes, bars and out and about and the ability to instantly upload this to social media. Does it make ‘privacy impossible’?



I suppose in our modern world of technology, the ability to record and photograph anything and instantly upload it to social media or send to anyone, privacy has already become difficult. Our lives are more transparent.

And when this comes to business, this is also what our customers want from us. Business mirrors societal norms that are changing. Audiences want to see the real people behind a business and to a certain degree it is technology and social media that has made this shift. It is one of the reasons I chose to name my business with my name, with a photo – because you want to know who I am and whether I am trustworthy.

Likewise with your business, have a think how your customers want to perceive you. Do they see the real you and are there simple ways you could be more transparent in your dealings with them, which might actually bring a more emotional connection with you?


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