Google Advertising on Maps, Apps for Google Glasses and the Future of Computing


Google really is up there at the moment. I have already seen 4 articles about the company this morning. A couple I thought I’d mention. Firstly, they are now adding locational and personalised advertising to Google Maps. So if you were looking at an area and had previously searched on hotels for example, it will show you the special offers on in that area. Or if you have children and search on a children’s museum, it will show you the zoo too. Everything is geared towards personalisation and the more you can do it for your customers, the better.

The more relevant and targeted the information you provide and when you appear to them, the higher your chances of success. That’s because we are all in different buying phases. I may not yet be thinking of buying a car now but in 6 months’ time I may be. At that point my eyes and ears are tuned to looking out for new cars and that is when car sellers have their biggest chance. Promoting to me now will impact my long term view of their brand when I do come to buy, but targeting me then is more likely to close the deal.

Secondly, Google is also in the news for its Google Glass again and there is an interesting video about them that you can see here – they can not only video and take photos but also act as an interpreter for you and show you maps of where you are going. FascGoogleGlass2inating and once again for Google, controversial stuff in terms of privacy discussions. For those of you super-interested in these glasses that will be available to the public next year, but are available to developers now, you can watch a video on the pros and cons. Developers are starting to build apps on these – such as computer games. It really is going to be a different way that we use technology, the internet, ‘computing’ going into the future. But watch out –  we may all crash into each other if everyone is wearing them and using them for all these different purposes!


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